Traveling Solo? Here are Dorset’s Best Holiday Cottages for Solo Travellers

Traveling solo can be a wonderful experience. Unfettered by other people’s interests or schedules, you’re free to explore at your own pace, to eat when you want, to nap when you want, and make every decision based solely on what brings you joy. One of the best places to unwind, explore and make amazing memories, while at the same time immersing yourself in an awe-inspiring historical aura, is Dorset county in South West England. And what better way to fully enjoy your solo traveling escapades in Dorset than by opting for a stay in one of its best holiday cottages? Here is a list of some of the Dorset’s best holiday cottages for solo travelers.

Firstly, Lydden Cottage in Lulworth is a wonderful option. This quaint single-bedroom cottage is situated in a fantastic scenic location, close to the Lulworth Cove and the Jurassic Coast, yet offering the privacy and peace craved by solo travellers. Besides, its rustic charm and the surrounding nature trails make it an excellent base for adventurers looking to paint their Dorset experience in their own unique colour.

An attractive alternative is the Cow Byre Cottage in Abbotsbury. This charming one-bedroom cottage lies in an incredibly picturesque area near Chesil Beach. Inside, it’s perfectly suited to the solo traveler. You’ll find no shortage of modern comforts, and outside you’ll enjoy vast, open areas for walking and enjoying the panoramic views of the countryside.

The Little House in Bridport is a dream destination for the art and culture lover traveling solo. Set in the heart of the cultural town, The Little House is within walking distance of a nice selection of bookshops, antique stores, and art galleries. The cottage itself is a small, cosy, and fully refurbished 18th Century building, making it a historical gem with modern amenities.

For those who seek absolute solitude, Spyway Barn in Askerswell would be an ideal choice. Surrounded by the beauty of the Spyway Nature Reserve, this cottage is perfect for long walks and birdwatching. Inside, the cottage is comfortable, quiet, and cosy – an idyllic retreat that allows you to disconnect from the outside world and connect with yourself instead.

Lastly, The Bothy in Stour Provost deserves a spot on the list. Placed in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, this open-plan studio is dorset holiday cottages perfect for writers, photographers, or anyone wanting to indulge in some artistic creativity during their holiday.

In sum, Dorset offers much for the solo traveller, not only in terms of experiences and attractions but also in unique, convenient, and relaxing accommodations. Dorset’s holiday cottages not only serve as a perfect base for the adventurous solo traveller, but they are also islands of tranquillity, comfort, and escape, where one can wind down and truly enjoy their own company.