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Welcome to the Neighbours4U Website

Neighbours4U is a project managed by Hope in the Community (see below). The project is part of the Guide Neighbourhood Programme which is managed by Housing Justice and funded by the Home Office Civil Renewal Unit as part of the Together We Can action plan.
The aim of
Neighbours4U is to assist North Kent residents in launching and implementing regeneration and renewal projects in the belief that residents are the best people to control the regeneration of their neighbourhoods. It enables residents who have been through the process of regeneration to share their experiences with others residents, and to encourage and inspire residents to become involved in community development and regeneration.

Neighbours4U employs a full-time Community Development Worker to act as a mentor to residents who are involved, or wish to become involved in neighbourhood regeneration. It uses qualified trainers to deliver recognised courses in Community Development as well as running seminars on topics that are relevant to those involved with developing their community. It encourages and facilitates networking between residents and sharing of experience and best practice, both locally and nationally, providing ongoing support to neighbourhood, residential and community development groups. The project is also able to help regarding access to funds.

The Neighbours4U project is managed and supported by the expertise and experience of the staff and network at Hope in the Community.

Hope in the Community is a registered charity, established in 2004 to provide an umbrella of support for faith and voluntary sector groups engaged in community regeneration. These sectors have been hampered by a number of issues, which Hope in the Community seeks to address by providing and supporting:

  • the expertise or access to resources so often needed by a small group;

  • an understanding of project criteria, funding targets and outputs;

  • information and frameworks for developing partnerships.

Hope in the Community is affiliated to or represented within a number of faith and voluntary bodies and statutory agencies. It currently operates predominantly in the Thames Gateway development area of Medway and North Kent. The area comprises both traditional urban and isolated neighbourhoods around and within which significant residential, commercial and industrial development will continue for many years. Hope in the Community is involved in projects in many of these neighbourhoods, empowering local residents to ensure sustainability through management by the people, for the people, amongst the people.

Supported by Neighbours4U, a project of Hope in the Community and a Guide Neighbourhood


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